Prescott watching me intently waiting for the “OK!” to eat the carrot after accompanying me to the grocery store (parking lot).


5 thoughts on ““WAIT…”

  1. Hey guys!! My name is Ruby, I found you through Oskars blog, and thought I would pop in to say ‘hello’! I also in the the SF bay area (San Jose), we’re sort-of neighbors! You guys are awfully cute. Pop by and visit my bloggie sometime!



    • Hi Ruby!!
      Oh boy, we’re so excited to make a furiend so close to us! We love your bloggie, but sorry about the “news” you just got! We think you’re perfect. Our humans say Prescott is chunky every day, so you’ll grow a thicker skin soon no need to fret!
      Love, Joules

  2. Aww. Checkers used to love car rides too! And carrots were her favorite training treat. She’d do *anything* for a carrot. Miss D likes to go for rides too, but summer has officially arrived and it’s too hot to leave her in the car.

    • Luckily we live in foggy San Francisco, where we usually have a nice cloud cover June thru August. [Side note to visitors: Come to visit SF outside of that window for best viewing of the Golden Gate Bridge!]
      The other day I had business an hour south of here and had to leave the pups at home- it has been sunny and warm here so it was just too hot in the car, even in the shade 😦

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