Joules helping with laundry

Joules napping on the clean laundry.


3 thoughts on “Joules helping with laundry

  1. Hey, Joules, it’s in YOUR spot! Just sayin’. I, Daisy, love sleeping on laundry–clean or dirty.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Joules, you are a four legged one after my own heart! Clean laundry is the BEST for napping on (and my Two Legged Ones just LOVE all the white fur I leave behind!)



  3. Hey Joules, Go find de socks man!Wees as to gruff like dis now ( we are posh really) butt
    “Furball” said wees gotta be less posh . Yur see if ya pop over to me bloggie
    Great to has two new furiends.
    love n licks
    Mollie ( da princess) x

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