After Sunday Funday after the Beach…

Comes No Fun Bathtime.

Everytime! Argh!


4 thoughts on “After Sunday Funday after the Beach…

  1. That happens to us EVERY Saturday after we’ve been to the river. So we’ve learned to get REALLY FILTHY having fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. You can beat this. The two of you working together should be able to shake so well that you’ll drown the bathgiver. This is why Kenzie and I don’t get done together. See how long it takes Them to figure it out. Humans are supposed to be smart, but breeds and individuals vary.

  3. How do they respond to water? From the beach photo it looks like they don’t mind a bit. Buuuut, this photo is a bit different, haha.

    • Of course, if it is ocean water they are running through to catch birds, they don’t mind one bit, despite the freezing temperatures. But warm bath water, which I make sure they get instead of freezing cold, seems to make them unhappy. LOL.

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