Flashback Friday : February 26, 2010 : Stopping for dinner on our way back from adopting Joules

We drove 5 hours to adopt Joules (pretty much could have gone to LA!) from the Central Valley Rescue Railroad. On the way back, after taking her out for a bathroom break, scaredy Joules would NOT get back into her too-small borrowed crate (she was already showing her stubborn streak!), so we let her hang out in the back seat. Her attempt to get close to the Mister’s taco was her first time she acted like a normal, non-freaked out dog.


Her short short hair was due to being shaved after living on the streets for more than 6 months (our best guess). As you can see, Joules looked like she gave at least 2 litters. According to the vet we took her to, she looks like she only gave one litter, and was most likely lived in a someone’s home, not a puppy mill cage, based on her comfort with being touched and groomed.

The last photo was her “mug shot”: her first photo upon being rescued from the city shelter by CVRR. When the Mister first showed me her photo, I said “THAT is a schnauzer?” Obviously, I am forever grateful of his judgement in picking out our first dog. ❤


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday : February 26, 2010 : Stopping for dinner on our way back from adopting Joules

  1. Mister Taco on the way home? I was a rescue from Mexico and had been fed Mexican food. Jazzi is jealous. Even though it was the end of December and a little cold and raw, all the car windows were down and the sun roof was open. It must have been the frijoles ppppppffffffffffttttttttt.

  2. Awww, she’s such a little cutie pie. Miss D is also pretty stubborn in the car. She wants to sit by the window, not in the middle, and she will “go limp” to get her way. Schnauzers are such characters!

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