Where we were Sunday Funday

Santa Cruz! Miss D guessed right, we’re so excited!
The famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was too crowded to get to even take a quick pic, so we went straight to the dog beach! Auntie T’s new place is close to here, so we hope to be visiting again soon.


Sunday Funday

Guess where we are!

Update: okay, that clue was just too obtuse, and we apawlogize. The reason we took this photo is because the Boardwalk was to crowded to get to! And we were relatively local 🙂 How’s that for clues?

Flashback Friday : May 25, 2010 : Scribble Taller Than Joules

Joules’ second stay with her uncle and aunt. 14 week old Scribble is now just a bit taller than scruffy Joules. Scribble is so excited to be able to trap Joules with her legs and lick anywhere she can reach. Every time Scribble does this, she snorts with glee.




I just can’t get over that look on Joules’ face: "Auntie Nikki, are you really just going to let Scribble do this to me? Oh the indignity." Joules will let Scribble do this for the first 10 minutes, then she will start chasing her off, and of course Scribble keeps coming back for more!

Happy Barkday, Kyla!

Since you so generously donated your barkday gift to other doggies in need, we want to ship ourselves over with some barkday goodies. You deserve it, especially for all your hard work watching over Kenzie! We call this, Barkday in a Box! Since Prescott is on a diet, notice there are only three pupcakes. In case Kenzie doesn’t want his, Prescott will gladly take one for the team and fall of the diet wagon.

Flashback Friday : April 2010 : Scribble meets Joules

Joules was staying with her auntie and uncle for the first time when they decided (because scruffy Joules was just too adorable) that they wanted a doggie also- so they found a boxer puppy in So Cal and away they went. Scribble is about 8 weeks at this point. Can you believe how small she is here? Its too cute.

So Joules was there when Scribble went home, and she thinks of Joules as a mom (more on that later).

What we were sniffing yesterday was…


A new park! This park overlooks the western part of the city to the left, including the pacific shoreline, and the rest of San Francisco to the right, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Our dad grew up going to this park and even his breath was taken away by the view- or, maybe it was those gusty winds! Bol!

PS: This panorama was taken with dad’s new cell phone. Neat huh? No photoshop, we promise!