Waiting for dad

To come back and get us out of this cart!


6 thoughts on “Waiting for dad

  1. We love going to “the dumpo” or Lowe’s also and riding in the cart. The really nice associates carry treats with them! One was even a Scottie afficionado, but he retired. We are the hit of the store-no quick in and out, every peep has to talk to our peeps about us. The older peeps remark about the “bottle of Scotch” thing but the younger ones don’t because they don’t import it any more.

  2. Yooo guy’s so lucky, weee’s not allowed to ride in carts, they don’t even likes us goin into shops, unless it sells dog stuff!!
    Mollie x

  3. I can’t believe they’re sitting! Miss D would never sit still long enough to move the cart. Assuming, of course, she stayed quiet enough to be allowed in the store in the first place!

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