Flashback Friday : March 2010 : First Time Dog Owner


Sorry for the lack of focus here. This was my sister’s first time with an SLR. Despite the lack of focus, you can still see the tension between Joules and I in our first month together! I am clearly as uneasy being a doggie pawrent as Joules is adjusting to life with us. It still cracks me up when I look back at these.


4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday : March 2010 : First Time Dog Owner

  1. Rescues (like me) take a while to warm up to every body since we’ve been kicked around, but once we feel secure, we’re very thankful.

  2. Ah, I’ve heard that’s often the case wiff rescue doggies. It all takes a bit longer to trust! 🙂 Lots of huggies, Luuuuvies and treats, is sure to build confidence ! 🙂
    Big huggies
    Mollie xx

  3. Get ya photo in guy’s, just a funny one wiv a bottle. I will put you on my page, so people who don’t know your there, will pops over to see ya. 🙂 cos yooo is soo cute.
    Mollie xx

  4. Rescues are wary and it takes time for them to open up. Sometimes it feels like she’ll never trust you. I tell first-time adopters to give their new family member space to make up her own mind and to be patient. Because once they do, they will follow you to the end of the earth and back again.

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