Flashback Friday : March 2010 : Joules’ First Time in Snow!

And Off Leash!

We had Joules for about one month when we took her up to Lake Tahoe for our annual ski trip. She apparently loved running in the snow because it didn’t bother her one bit when her short mini schnauzer legs kept sinking all the way up to her body! When she caught sight of the the poodle playing with it’s owner and got excited, we thought, why not? Where could she possible run off to? So, my heart clenched, I unclipped her leash from her harness and she took off to play with the poodle.

The rest is history 🙂


8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday : March 2010 : Joules’ First Time in Snow!

  1. This could have been yesterday. He says He saw it snow in the South Shore on August 1! I’ve only seen snow once in my life and I’ll be 10 this month.

  2. There’s nothing more adorable than two dogs enjoying each other’s company and covered in snow! 🙂 Miss D seems confounded by snow, even though she must have seen it in her previous life in the Appalachians.

  3. Wow what fun was that !!! 🙂 yooo’s go on ski trip’s??? Yoooo’s sooo spoilt 🙂 I just Luv’s the snow, we had it here in the UK when I was about 4 mths old.

    Yooo guy’s have a great day 🙂

    Huggies Mollie x

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