Happy Barkday, Kyla!

Since you so generously donated your barkday gift to other doggies in need, we want to ship ourselves over with some barkday goodies. You deserve it, especially for all your hard work watching over Kenzie! We call this, Barkday in a Box! Since Prescott is on a diet, notice there are only three pupcakes. In case Kenzie doesn’t want his, Prescott will gladly take one for the team and fall of the diet wagon.


5 thoughts on “Happy Barkday, Kyla!

  1. Thanks for the cakes. Prescott, you can have one-Kenzie shouldn’t be eating it. OMD, what am I saying? No, send them all because I, no I mean Kenzie, will eat his. Thanks guys and could you pack some fog with it?

  2. That was sooo nice.. Happy birfday Kyla… wee’s haven’t meet yet but I wills pops over to say Hip Hip Horray.. Can I have’s a cupcake??? xx

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