Schnauzer Sighting

So… our Pawps left for Geneva with out us, but promised to bring back some kind of goodies. Maybe even a "Swiss Mountain Rescue Dog" vest if he has time to look for them! Or, at least a whiskey barrel for snow rescues or some venison treats. While delayed at the airport SIX HOURS (once again, thanks for being consistently unreliable, United Airlines!!), our Pawps spotted a spoiled schnauzer and thought of us. Faces have been hidden for security reasons.


6 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sighting

  1. So some schnauzers ARE allowed to GO! Hmmmmmmm. You’d better be holding out for some great treats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Brilliant! My last schnauzer would have loved this sort of care and attention. Zak says he just doesn’t see why any self-respecting schnauzer would ever stay still long enough to sit in something like this lol.

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