Sunday (No) Funday

Why aren’t you letting us chase the birds today, Ma? What do you mean by the Snowy Plover being a protected species? We’re not going to eat them, just chase them. We have to wait until when? Next May?! That’s a long time to not chase birds at the beach!!!


8 thoughts on “Sunday (No) Funday

  1. Spoilsport! Their mate here in NZ knows he isn’t allowed to chase the birds that visit our yard BUT he is allowed to chase off all the stray cats that are trying to catch the birds! The cats don’t care and just sit on the top of the fence and hiss at him and tease him. But at least the birds are safe!

  2. A bird that is too stupid to fly away when you guys get close wouldn’t last long in the wild anyway. I bet you can’t wait until winter so things warm up.

    • Oh yeah, don’t you know it. Of course, as soon as late August rolls around (meaning, starting on August 20 or so) the sun FINALLY has started breaking through the marine layer. Our pawrents haven’t gotten it together enough for us to head out of the area during the June (thru Aug) Gloom. Geesh!

  3. WHAT???!!!! Those birds NEED exercise and to be kept on their guards….otherwise sneaky cats will get them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Spoilt sports!! I luv ya beach 🙂 Wez have lots of pebbles on our’s unless the tides right out..
    Have a great day xx00xx

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