It’s only been about a day or two…

Of hard rain & winds, and it wasn’t even consecutive days, but we’re already sick of it! It’s supposed to keep raining thru the weekend! Ack!

We don’t like wearing our hoods but maybe mama is right, and we’d be drier with them on 😦

Are you all staying warm and dry?


Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all are having a food- and fun-filled day with family and friends.


It’s cold out!

This is what we do on cold mornings to stay warm. We guess winter is en route?!

An update: mama got a job! Furray! Now we’ll get our computer time back for good, get some new treats (there’s a cool pet boutique near her work), AND we might get to go to work too and be company mascots.

See you guys around, we’ll be visiting each of you soon 🙂