It’s only been about a day or two…

Of hard rain & winds, and it wasn’t even consecutive days, but we’re already sick of it! It’s supposed to keep raining thru the weekend! Ack!

We don’t like wearing our hoods but maybe mama is right, and we’d be drier with them on 😦

Are you all staying warm and dry?


8 thoughts on “It’s only been about a day or two…

  1. We’re very hot and dry. Today it reached 40 deg C and tomorrow aiming at 41 C (105.8 F). So we’re hibernating. Hope you can get out soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  2. 75 and sunny. I don’t have a bottle big enough to capture this weather and send it to you. They’d probably stop me at one of the checkpoints entering Kowlifornia for bringing this weather and disrupting the agricultural environment. They could see that I’m nutty enough to belong there-I’d probably get kicked out of the Bay to Breakers for being too zany.

  3. Oh dear – 2 soggy doggies. Zak won’t wear a hood either. He feels it isn’t really his style. It will be summer here on 1st December and we are finally getting lots of sunshine and warm weather after a long, cold winter.

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