Just 7 more days…

Until we get to open all our presents!

Notice how there are only our presents from our bloggie pals, Kelsey (Kelseymymonkey.blogspot.com) and Jacque (mylifewithscotties.blogspot.com), under our tree? It must just be our pawrents who are still scrambling around to start (pawps) or finish (mama) their shopping!

Happy Howlidays from your bearded Santa Paws Prescott and bearded Mrs. Paws Joules!


9 thoughts on “Just 7 more days…

  1. Just make sure they don’t try to steal some of YOUR presents. You both looks very festive and ready for the big day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. hmm, we just left you a comment but it disappeared! well, what it said was we think you look adorable and that you in those santa outfits convinced that santa paws is a salt and pepper schnauzer for sure!!

    yuki and rocket

  3. Haha you guys are hilarious! First I read “fear the beards” than I scroll down and see you two making that face! LOLL!!! If that alone isn’t a reason to follow I don’t know what is! You guys look so adorable in your santie outfits, though you do look grumpy…but I’m sure thats just the camera angle:) Hope you guys had a amazing Christmas!

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