About our German Boxer Cousin, Scribble

Scribble is our German dog cousin, a boxer. Joules went with Scribble’s mom and dad to pick up Scribble when she was a puppy. Because of her presence, Joules became a surrogate mommy to puppy Scribble. Scribble LOVES Joules and she would do anything to sleep next to her and play with her: aka, harassing Joules by first trapping her with her own legs then nibbling Joules’ legs. Scribble stays with us 2-3 times a year and we see her almost every weekend.

Prescott “tolerates” Scribble by letting her come close, but if she’s too playful he’ll yip at her and she’ll scamper off. Sometimes he’ll sleep near her but in general, he’s a bit intimidated by Scribble’s enthusiasm and lack of respect for his personal space. LOL.


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